81176. Введение в Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services (LCS)

Длительность курса 0,5 дней/4 академ. часов.

10 000.00 Р


This course provides introductory information about Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services (LCS) and how LCS can be used to accomplish a variety of tasks. It covers information on using LCS as a management point for project management and provides specific information on environment deployment and service requests. Additionally, this course will discuss how to use LCS for diagnostics, issue tracking, support tickets, and environment management.

What are the goals for this course?

  • Understand the purpose of LCS for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, Enterprise edition
  • Review how LCS can be used as a management overview point
  • Review how LCS can be used for project management
  • Review the role LCS plays in environment deployment
  • Review the use of LCS for managing service requests
  • Review the diagnostic functions within LCS
  • Review issue tracking capabilities of LCS
  • Review how to use LCS for managing support tickets
  • Review how LCS can be used to manage deployed environments
  • The ability to use Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, Enterprise edition, for basic processing
  • Experience using Windows Server, Active Directory and Networking
  • Understanding of SQL Server, Domain Controllers and Web Services

What are the prerequisites to consume this course?

Module 01: Manage Sales Charges

  • Charge Codes
  • Customer Charge Groups
  • Item Charge Groups
  • Delivery Charge Groups
  • Auto Charges

Module 02: Manage Sales Orders

  • Create Customer Sales Agreements
  • Set Up and Use Full Text Search
  • Update Sales Order Delivery Settings
  • Update Charges and View Sales Order Totals
  • Copy Sales Orders
  • Create Sales Orders Using Item Lists
  • Configure Order Holds
  • Create Order Events
  • Add Order Notes
  • Enhanced Delivery Date Control
  • Delivery Date Control
  • Calendars and Transport Times
  • Supply Overview
  • Configure Available Ship and Receipt Dates
  • Add Order Entry Deadlines
  • Establish Margins and Pricing on a Sales Order
  • Create a Direct Delivery Order
  • Update a Direct Delivery Order
  • Picking List Workbench
  • Pick a Sales Order
  • Create and Post Packing Slips
  • Customer Invoicing

Module 03: Configure and Manage Item Reservations

  • Item reservations
  • Manual Reservations
  • Automatic Reservations
  • Automatic Reservations and Selection of Batches
  • Explosion Reservations
  • View, Lock and Cancel Reservations
  • Configure Batch Reservations
  • Pick Reserved Items

Module 04: Managing Sales Quotations

  • Create Sales Quotations
  • Updating Sales Quotations
  • Managing Trade Agreements with Supplementary Items
  • Managing BOMs on Sales Quotations
  • Sale Quotations in MRP

Module 05: Processing Customer Returns

  • Process Product Returns from Customers
  • Create Replacement Orders

Module 06: Managing Sales Commissions

  • Create Commissions Groups
  • Create Commission Item Groups
  • Create Commission Sales Groups
  • Set up Commissions Calculations
  • Commission Transactions for Returned Items
Вводные курсы:
  • Dynamics 365
Финансы и операции:
  • Lifecycle Services
Установка, настройка:
  • Dynamics 365