81068. Среда разработки решений в Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 and Dynamics 365

Длительность курса 5 дней/40 академ. часов.

100 000.00 Р


This course leads students through the process of how to customize Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 to meet customers' requirements. It explains standard application concepts and provides insight into the most important processes such as master tables and pages, documents and journals posting, dimension management, feature integration, role tailoring, automating unit testing, reporting, statistics, web services, SQL server optimization, and developing for the tablet client.

What are the goals for this course?

  • Explain the different table types and standards
  • Explain the concepts of the Multilanguage functionality
  • Understand the posting routines and their relationships
  • Identify the architecture of the Navigate feature
  • Explain the structure and functionality of a Role Center and Activity Page
  • Show how the SQL Server Query Optimizer can be used
  • Show and explain the standard data and process model
  • Identify the best practices for documenting changes
  • Work with complex data types and functions
  • Create reports for the Role-Tailored client
  • Discuss Posting Routine Patterns
  • Work with Extension Packages
  • Define the components of the Role-Tailored user interface
  • Describe the File handling functions to import or export data
  • Explain the Dynamics NAV Web services architecture
  • Describe the Debugger functionality and features
  • Discuss the Testing features
  • Understand the performance effect of locking, blocking and deadlocks

What are the prerequisites to consume this course?

  • General developer knowledge
  • General Microsoft NAV knowledge
  • Completed the Development Environment Introduction course


Module 1: Application Design

Module Overview

Lesson 1: Architecture and Design Principles

Lesson 2: Customizing versus Extending

Lesson 3: Coding Guidelines

Lesson 4: Eventing

Lesson 5: Hooks

Lesson 6: Developing Multilanguage-Enabled Applications

Module Review

Module 1 Key Take Away

Test Your Knowledge Module 1

Test Your Knowledge Answers

Module 2: Data and Process Model

Module Overview

Lesson 1: Functional Table Types and Characteristics Part 1

Lesson 2: Functional Table Types and Characteristics Part 2

Lesson 3: Standard Data Model

Lesson 4: Setup

Lesson 5: Master Table and Page Standards

Lesson 6: Frequently Used Table Properties

Lesson 7: Working With Media on Records

Lesson 8: Building a Document Page

Lesson 9: Working with Objects

Lesson 10: Frequently used Page Functions

Lesson 11: Document and Journal Functions

Lesson 12: The Difference Between a Journal and a Ledger

Lesson 13: The Journal Posting Process

Lesson 14: Posting Routine Patterns

Lesson 15: Document Posting Routines

Lesson 16: Document Posting Routine Patterns

Lesson 17: Document Posting Setup Patterns

Lesson 18: Program for Low Impact on the Application

Module Review

Module 2 Key Take Away

Test Your Knowledge Module 2

Test Your Knowledge Answers

Module 3: Feature Integration

Module Overview

Lesson 1: Statistics

Lesson 2: Navigate

Lesson 3: Dimensions

Lesson 4: Feature Integration Features

Module Review

Module 3 Key Take Away

Test Your Knowledge Module 3

Test Your Knowledge Answers

Module 4: Role Tailoring

Module Overview

Lesson 1: Building a RoleCenter

Lesson 2: Building an Activity Page

Lesson 3: Create Role Center Lists

Lesson 4: The MenuSuite Object

Lesson 5: Assisted Setup

Lesson 6: Notifications

Module Review

Module 4 Key Take Away

Test Your Knowledge Module 4

Test Your Knowledge Answers

Module 5: Extending

Module Overview

Lesson 1: Extensions Packages

Lesson 2: .NET

Lesson 3: Control Add-inns

Module Review

Module 5 Key Take Away

Test Your Knowledge Module 5

Test Your Knowledge Answers

Module 6: Interfacing

Module Overview

Lesson 1: File Handling

Lesson 2: Web Services

Module Review

Module 6 Key Take Away

Test Your Knowledge Module 6

Test Your Knowledge Answers

Module 7: Reporting

Module Overview

Lesson 1: Multilanguage Reports

Lesson 2: The No. Printed Field

Lesson 3: Implementing No Of Copies

Lesson 4: Implementing Report Selections

Lesson 5: Processing Only

Lesson 6: Built-in and Custom Report Layouts

Module 7 Key Take Away

Test Your Knowledge Module 7

Test Your Knowledge Answers

Module 8: Testing, Debugging, Monitoring and Tuning

Module Overview

Lesson 1: Test Driven Development

Lesson 2: Code Coverage

Lesson 3: Debugging

Lesson 4: Monitoring

Lesson 5: Tuning

Module Review

Module 8 Key Take Away

Test Your Knowledge Module 8

Test Your Knowledge Answers

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