80951. Расширенные финансы в Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017

Длительность курса 2 дня/16 академ. часов.

40 000.00 Р


This course provides knowledge and insight into the financial management application setup process. The focus is on advanced financial functions within the organization such as Intrastat, multicurrency, cost accounting, cash flow forecast, E-Services and document management, budgets, XBRL, financial reporting, and the VAT rate change tool.

What are the goals for this course?

  • Setup Intrastat
  • Create posting groups for VAT rate change
  • Send electronic documents
  • Setup multicurrency
  • Adjust exchange rates
  • Process payments and cash receipts
  • Create budgets manually
  • Copy budgets
  • Setup cost allocation
  • Static and dynamic allocations
  • Setup cash flow forecast
  • Analyze chart of accounts
  • Define XBRL
  • Export XBRL lines
  • General knowledge of Microsoft Windows
  • Knowledge of Finance Essentials topics

What are the prerequisites to consume this course?


Module 01: Intrastat

  • Intrastat: What?
  • Set Up Intrastat
  • Process Intrastat in Sales and Purchases
  • Report Intrastat
  • Module 02: VAT Rate Change Tool
  • Prepare for VAT Rate Change Tool
  • Using the VAT Rate Change Tool

Module 03: E-Services and Document Management

  • Creating Manually Incoming Documents
  • OCR Service
  • OCR Line Recognition
  • Sending Electronic Documents-Setup
  • Sending Electronic Documents-Usage
  • Send and Receive Electronic PEPPOL Documents with a Provider

Module 04: Multicurrency

  • Currency Card and Currency Exchange Rates
  • Set Up Multicurrency for Customers, Vendors, and Bank Accounts
  • Process Sales and Purchase Documents
  • Adjust Exchange Rates Batch Job for Customers, Vendors, and Bank Accounts
  • Process Payments and Cash Receipts
  • Set Up Additional Reporting Currency
  • Adjust Exchange Rate Batch Job for G/L Accounts

Module 05: Budgets

  • General Ledger Budgets
  • Copying Budgets
  • Exporting and Importing Budgets

Module 06: Cost Accounting

  • Cost Account versus General Ledger Accounting
  • Workflow in Cost Accounting
  • Master Data in Cost Accounting — Cost Types
  • Master Data in Cost Accounting — Cost Centers
  • Master Data in Cost Accounting — Cost Objects
  • Setting Up Cost Accounting
  • Cost Entries
  • Transfer G/L Entries to CA
  • Cost Journals
  • Cost Budgets
  • Cost Allocations
  • Cost Allocation — Static Allocations
  • Cost Allocation — Dynamic Allocations
  • Allocate Costs
  • Cost Accounting Reporting

Module 07: Cash Flow Forecast

  • Functions of the Cash Flow Forecast
  • Setting Up Cash Flow Forecasts
  • Creating Cash Flow Forecasts
  • Cash Flow Manual Revenues and Expenses
  • Cash Flow Worksheet
  • Cash Flow Forecast Reporting

Module 08: Financial Reporting and Analysis

  • Analyze the Chart of Accounts
  • Financial Statements
  • Account Schedules
  • Account Schedules — Column Layout
  • Account Schedules Output
  • Account Schedules — Filter with Dimensions
  • Analysis by Dimensions
  • Export Analysis Views to Excel
  • Combine Analysis Views with Account Schedules
  • Finance Performance Charts

Module 09: XBRL

  • XBRL Terminology
  • XBRL Specifications and Taxonomies
  • Enter XBRL Line Definitions
  • Export the XBRL Lines

Module 10: Course Review

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