80728. Введение в Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016

Длительность курса 1 день/8 академ. часов.

20 000.00 Р


This course provides information on the basic concepts of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016. It provides an overview of information about application navigation, setting up accounts, contacts and activities, using the sales and customer service processes within Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and how to use data imports and exports. It also discusses how to create charts or dashboards that can be used to analyze data, along with how to integrate social media applications with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

What are the goals for this course?

  • Explore the default deployment options, entities, records, forms and fields within Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Examine offline capabilities and the using of security roles
  • Navigate through various client types and work with records
  • Demonstrate the sales process flow and communication tracking
  • Walk through scenarios to demonstrate core components of case management, knowledge base SLAs, and entitlements
  • Review basic steps of the marketing process and the importance of planning, budgeting, and reporting
  • Explore OneDrive for Business, Office365 Delve and various integration methods
  • Provide an overview of exporting data, interacting with default reports and the Report Wizard
  • Explore the functionalities of PowerBI dashboards
  • Define the capabilities of Word and Excel Templates

What are the prerequisites to consume this course?

  • Some basic experience using Windows applications.
  • Knowledge of basic sales, marketing, and customer service roles in a business.


Module 01: Microsoft Dynamics CRM Overview

  • Recognize the basic Microsoft Dynamics CRM functional areas
  • Understand the differences of each functional area
  • Discuss different deployment options
  • Learn about the entity relationship model
  • Understand the difference between forms, fields, records
    and entities
  • Review the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Help areas

Module 02: Accessing Microsoft Dynamics CRM

  • Learn about various ways to access Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • See the visual difference between the available clients
  • Explore offline capabilities for the Mobile and Outlook Clients
  • Understand what permissions are available to set
  • Examine the use security roles and how they play a part when setting up your CRM

Module 03: Navigating Microsoft Dynamics CRM

  • Learn how to navigate through various client types
  • Work with records through various client types
  • Determine the relationship between Accounts and Contacts
  • Explore the different action types that can be taken on a record
  • Understand the basics of activities and how they work
  • Learn about the components within the Collaboration Pane
  • Track activities and data in Outlook
  • Dive deeper into views
  • Discover several ways in which you can search for data
  • Learn about processes in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Module 04: Sales in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

  • Understand the role of leads and opportunities
  • Examine the Lead to Opportunity Process Flow
  • Dive deeper into the lead and opportunity entities
  • Learn about communication tracking
  • Explore the product catalog and it's components within Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Understand and demonstrate the Sales Process Flow

Module 05: Customer Care in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

  • Understand and explain the basic record types that make up the customer service module
  • Explore what types of cases there are and how to manage them
  • Examine the importance that entitlements and Service Level Agreements can provide
  • Define the context and basic elements of service scheduling
  • Learn how to utilize, search, and manage the Knowledge Base

Module 06: Marketing in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

  • Review the basic steps of the marketing process
  • Learn the importance of planning and budgeting
  • Examine marketing lists and how they can be used
  • Identify when to use a quick campaign and when to use a marketing campaign
  • Review the purpose and elements of marketing campaigns
  • Learn about tracking and reporting
  • Identify competitors and how to utilize them

Module 07: Office 365 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM

  • Explore Office 365 Groups and discuss how they differ from regular O365 or CRM users
  • Understand the positive impact Office 365 Delve could have on your organization
  • Learn about OneDrive for Business and it integrates with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and other Microsoft products

Module 08: Working with Data

  • Learn how to efficiently use the Quick Create tool
  • Understand how to work with and manage views
  • Create custom queries from the Advanced Find tool
  • Explore the ways in which you can export data
  • Interact with default reports and learn how to build a custom report using the Report Wizard
  • Create your own personal charts
  • Determine how to utilize and create dashboards
  • Explore the functionalities of PowerBI dashboards
  • Understand how to successfully complete a Mail Merge
  • Define the capabilities of Word and Excel Templates

Module 09: Course Review

Вводные курсы:
  • CRM