80414. Управление сервисным обслуживанием в Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

Длительность курса 2 дня/16 академ. часов.

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This course provides students with an overview of Service management features and functionality in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012.This course covers the major functions and describes how service management is integrated with the Project management and accounting module. The participants for this course should have basic knowledge of the earlier versions of Microsoft Dynamics AX.

What are the goals for this course?

  • Describe the functionality of service management and its potential for optimizing a business.
  • Provide an overview about the Service management course.
  • Build a Service agreements form.
  • Set up the elements required to create a service agreement header.
  • Create a service agreement header and lines.
  • Create a service agreement and service object relation/service task relation.
  • Copy service agreement lines into a service agreement.
  • Create service template groups.
  • Create a service template and copy template lines into a service agreement.
  • Create service agreements from a sales order.
  • Describe how and when service is provided to the customer.
  • Link service order to a project and register transactions as revenue and cost for service that is performed.
  • Build a Service orders form.
  • Define the different elements that support the creation and processing of service orders.
  • Set up service parameters as per the business needs.
  • Set up service stages and reason codes.
  • Set up service order activity.
  • Create sales and marketing activities when you create service orders.
  • Create a service order manually and automatically.
  • Create a service order from a sales order.
  • Process, post, and create a service order invoice.
  • Optimize the flow of information and create transactions with regard to service orders.
  • Set up service level agreements.
  • Set up time recording on service level agreements and service orders.
  • View the information about service level agreement and service order.
  • Sort and filter service agreements in the service agreements group.
  • Set up the different components of service dispatcher including default preferred technician, activity types, dispatch teams, and resources.
  • Use the Dispatch board.
  • Perform typical activity actions.
  • Change values on the Dispatch board and manage undisputed activities.
  • Explain the Dispatch board functionality and describes how it helps to optimize service order management.
  • Set up component elements of the repair functionality with regard to customer and technician diagnosis and resolution.
  • Set up symptom areas, symptom codes and conditions
  • Set up diagnosis areas, diagnosis codes, and resolutions.
  • Set up repair stages.
  • Create and process a repair line.
  • Register resource consumption for repairs.
  • Create and modify a template BOM and attach it to a service object relation.
  • Create a Service BOM.
  • Create service order lines from a BOM.
  • Setup the service BOM to register changes to the service object over time caused by service actions.
  • Create and set up the elements of service subscription functionality.
  • Create a subscription and service subscription transactions.
  • Create a service subscription fee transaction.
  • Create invoices and credit transactions.
  • Accrue revenue from a subscription fee transaction.
  • Create service orders by using Enterprise Portal.
  • Edit the service orders in Enterprise Portal.
  • View and create repair lines in Enterprise Portal.

What are the prerequisites to consume this course?

Before reviewing this training, individuals must have working experience of Project Essentials in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 and knowledge of Project Advanced in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 courses.

Chapter 1: Introduction

  • Introducing Service Management in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012
  • Overview of the Course Chapters
  • Summary
  • Quick Interaction: Lessons Learned

Chapter 2: Service Agreements

  • Building Up of the Service Agreements Form
  • The Service Agreement Header
  • Creating the Service Agreement Header
  • Creating Service Objects and Service Task Relations
  • Service Agreement Lines
  • Lab 2.1: Create a Service Agreement
  • Copying Lines into a Service Agreement
  • Lab 2.2: Copy Lines into a Service Agreement
  • Creating a Service Agreement from a Sales Order

Chapter 3: Service Order

  • Building a Service Orders Form
  • Defining the Settings for Service Order Creation
  • Service Management Parameters
  • Service Stages
  • Creating Service Orders Manually
  • Lab 3.1: Create and Process a Manually Created Service Order
  • Creating Service Orders Automatically
  • Lab 3.2: Create Service Orders Automatically
  • Creating a Service Order from a Sales Order
  • Item Requirements, Canceling, and Deleting Service Orders
  • Posting Service Orders
  • Invoicing Service Orders

Chapter 4: Service Level Agreements

  • Scenario
  • Service Level Agreement Overview
  • Setting Up Service Level Agreement
  • Lab 4.1: Set Up a Service Level Agreement
  • Time Recording
  • Service Level Agreement and Service Order
  • Summary

Chapter 5: Service Dispatcher

  • Service Dispatcher Overview
  • Generating Activity
  • Lab 5.1: Generate Activities
  • Setting Up Service Dispatcher
  • Dispatch Board
  • Summary

Chapter 6: Repair in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

  • Repair Management Process
  • Setting Up Repair Management
  • Setting Up Symptom Areas, Symptom Codes and Conditions
  • Setting Up Diagnosis Areas, Diagnosis Codes and Resolutions
  • Setting Up Repair Stages
  • Repair Lines
  • Creating Service Order Transactions for Repairs
  • Lab 6.1: Create a Repair Line and Register Service Order Transactions

Chapter 7: Service Management Bill of Materials

  • Creating a Template BOM
  • Creating a Service BOM
  • Updating a Service BOM
  • Creating Service Order Lines from a BOM
  • Lab 7.1: Create Service BOM Version

Chapter 8: Service Subscription 8-1

  • The Elements of the Service Subscription System
  • Creating a Subscription
  • Creating Subscription Fee Transactions
  • Creating Subscription Type Transactions
  • Subscription Indexing two kinds of pricing systems:
  • Adjusting Subscription Transactions
  • Invoicing Subscription Fee Transactions
  • Creating Credit Notes for Subscription Transactions
  • Accruing Revenue on Subscription Fee Transactions
  • Lab 8.1: Create a Subscription, a Subscription Transaction and Accrue the
  • Transaction
  • Lab 8.2: Reverse Subscription Accruals

Chapter 9: Using the Enterprise Portal Service for Management

  • Service Management Area for Technician in Enterprise Portal
  • Customer Self-Service Portal
  • Web Service Orders
  • Lab 9.1: Create a Service Order
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