80694. Управление складом в Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

Длительность курса 2 дня/16 академ. часов.

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About this Course

This course provides students with the necessary tools and resources to perform basic tasks in the Warehouse management flow in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 CU8.

What are the goals for this course?

  • Describe the goals and features of warehouse management by using Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 CU8
  • Introduce concepts and terminology for warehouse management
  • Describe the process flow in warehouse management
  • Describe the features of warehouse management
  • Create a warehouse for warehouse management
  • Setup locations types, formats, and profiles
  • Create zones and zone groups
  • Create locations manually and by using the wizard
  • Define storage dimension groups for warehouse management
  • Define tracking dimension groups for warehouse management
  • Create a unit sequence group
  • Define inventory statuses
  • Use filters with item groups, released products, customers and vendors
  • Create products for use with warehouse management
  • Describe the use of reservation hierarchies
  • Create a new reservation hierarchy
  • Assign reservation hierarchies to released products
  • Define concept of location directives
  • Create a fixed location
  • Define a disposition code
  • Create a location directive
  • Create a work template
  • Create new work classes
  • Define the layout of mobile device menus
  • Configure the basic look and feel of mobile devices
  • Create mobile device users
  • Set up label layouts and define settings for printing labels
  • Use the mobile device to receive a purchase order
  • Use the mobile device to put away a purchase order
  • Discuss use the mobile device to pick a purchase order return
  • Use the mobile device to put away a Quality order to a specific location
  • Create location directives for the outbound process
  • Create work templates for the outbound process
  • Describe the wave process
  • Create a wave template
  • Manually process a wave
  • Configure parameters for wave processing
  • Review the sales order creation process
  • Discuss the release to warehouse functionality
  • Work with waves and wave templates
  • Review Work and how it can be used in Warehouse management
  • Discuss the mobile device capabilities for picking a sales order
  • Review the process for confirming a shipment
  • Work with Location directives and staging
  • Review work templates
  • Load a sales order
  • Anchor with the staging process
  • Describe the cluster picking process
  • Review the setup flow for cluster picking
  • Create cluster profiles
  • Configure mobile device menu items for use with cluster picking
  • Process sales orders by using the mobile device for cluster picking
  • Describe the difference between manual packing and containerization
  • Configure location profiles for manual packing
  • Create container types
  • Configure container closing profile
  • Set up packing profiles
  • Link a packing profile to a work user
  • Manually pack an order
  • Configure the set up components for containerization
  • Review the process for containerization
  • Configure parameters and basic setup for cycle counting
  • Perform a guided, blind, and spot check cycle count
  • Configure cycle counting by thresholds
  • Configure cycle counting plans
  • Perform cycle counts by using the mobile device
  • Describe the techniques available for replenishment
  • Configure warehouse management for replenishment
  • Create replenishment templates
  • Review the replenishment process
  • Replenish inventory by using the mobile device
  • Configure warehouse management for transfer orders
  • Create and process a transfer order by using the mobile device
  • Explain cross-docking
  • Describe and create a product package
  • Describe and create a location directives for cross-docking
  • Describe and create a work template for cross-docking
  • Describe the mobile device setup process for cross-docking
  • Describe the cross-docking process
  • Explain Discrete manufacturing with advanced warehouse management
  • Explain Process manufacturing with advanced warehouse management
  • Explain Lean manufacturing with advanced warehouse management
  • Review the set up required for manufacturing with advanced warehouse management
  • Process a production order pick in the mobile device
  • Process a production order report as finished in the mobile device
  • Complete the setup for batch order processing with the mobile device
  • Process batch orders in the mobile device
  • Discuss catch weight with advanced warehouse management
  • Create and process batch orders with potency
  • Create and process batch orders with co-products and by-products
  • Complete the setup for processing a Kanban in the mobile device
  • Process a Kanban pick in the mobile device
  • Process a Kanban put away in the mobile device

What are the prerequisites to consume this course?

Before viewing this training, individuals must have:

  • General knowledge of Microsoft Windows
  • General knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012
  • The ability to use Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 for basic processing
  • Basic knowledge of warehouse management concepts

Module 01: Overview

  • Introduction to Advanced Warehouse Management
  • Concepts and Terminology
  • Warehouse Management Process

Module 02: Warehouse Layout

  • Warehouse Setup
  • Warehouse Details and Layout
  • Location Types
  • Location Formats
  • Dock Management Profiles
  • Location Profiles
  • Zones and Zone Groups
  • Locations
  • Location Stocking Limits

Module 03: General Warehouse and Product Setup

  • Storage Dimension Groups
  • Tracking Dimension Groups
  • Unit of Measure Sequence Groups
  • Inventory Statuses
  • Item Groups
  • Filters

Module 04: Reservation Hierarchies

  • Set Up Reservation Hierarchies
  • Product Setup

Module 05: Location Directives and Work Templates

  • Location Directives Overview
  • Fixed Locations
  • Disposition Codes
  • Work Template Overview

Module 06: Mobile Device Setup

  • Introduction to Mobile Device Setup
  • Work Classes
  • Device Menus
  • Device Layout: Look and Feel
  • Device Users
  • Print Settings for Labels

Module 07: Process Purchase Orders by Using the Mobile Device

  • Purchase Order Receipts
  • Purchase Order Put Away
  • Purchase Order Returns
  • Purchase Order Put Away with a Quality Order
  • Receive Items at a Different Warehouse than Expected

Module 08: Outbound Process Setup

  • Location Directives
  • Work Templates
  • Wave Templates
  • Outbound Menu Items and Menus

Module 09: Sales Order Picking and Shipping

  • Sales Order Picking
  • Staging with Sales Order Picking
  • Sales Order Fulfillment Rates
  • Customer Specific Fulfillment Policies
  • Automatically Release Orders

Module 10: Cluster Picking

  • About Cluster Picking
  • Set Up Cluster Picking
  • Use Cluster Picking

Module 11: Manual Packing and Containerization

  • Manual Packing Setup
  • Manual Packing Process
  • Containerization Setup
  • Containerization Process

Module 12: Cycle Counting

  • About Cycle Counting
  • General Setup
  • Process
  • Guided Cycle Counting
  • Blind Cycle Counting
  • Spot Cycle Counting
  • Thresholds
  • Plan

Module 13: Replenishment

  • About Replenishment
  • Setup
  • Process

Module 14: Transfer Orders

  • About Transfer Orders
  • Set Up for Transfer Orders
  • Outbound Transfer Order Process
  • Inbound Transfer Order Process

Module 15: Cross-Docking

  • About Cross Docking
  • Product Packages
  • Location Directives
  • Work Templates
  • Mobile Device Set Up
  • Process

Module 16: Manufacturing

  • About Discrete Manufacturing with Warehouse Management
  • Process Manufacturing with Warehouse Management
  • Lean Manufacturing with Warehouse Management
  • Setup
  • Process a Production Pick
  • Process a Production Report as Finished
  • Setup for Batch Orders
  • Process Batch Orders
  • Batch Orders with Catch Weight
  • Batch Orders with Potency
  • Batch Orders with Co-Products and By-Products
  • Setup for Kanban
  • Process a Kanban Pick
  • Process a Kanban Put Away
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