81233. Управление запасами в Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Длительность курса 1 день/8 академ. часов.

20 000.00 Р


This course provides detailed information about inventory management features and capabilities, including inventory control, reservations, order tracking, managing inventory at multiple locations, managing location transfers, assembling items, basic warehousing, and item tracking using serial and lot numbers.

What are the goals for this course?

Analyze Item Availability

Reclassify Inventory

Make Reservations and Reserve an Item

Track Supply and Demand

Set up a Company with multiple locations

Set up a centralized warehouse

Set up and link responsibility centers

Sell and purchase inventory with multiple locations

Perform an inventory transfer

Use serial and lot numbers to track inventory

Assemble items

What are the prerequisites to consume this course?

General knowledge of Microsoft Office

81244. Trade in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Module 01: Inventory Control

  • Analyze Item Availability
  • Analyze Item Availability - Inventory
  • Analyze Item Availability - Allocations
  • Analyze Item Availability - Projected Availability
  • Item Availability Views
  • Adjust Inventory
  • Item Journal
  • Count Inventory
  • Physical Inventory Journal
  • Reclassify Inventory
  • Item Reclassification Journal

Module 02: Item Reservations and Order Tracking

  • Reserve Items
  • Making Reservations
  • Cancel a Reservation
  • Change a Reservation
  • Track Supply and Demand
  • Item Reservations vs. Order Tracking

Module 03: Multiple Locations

  • Location Card
  • Inventory Setup
  • A Decentralized and Centralized Warehouse Setup
  • Set Up a Centralized Warehouse
  • Link Customers and Vendors to Locations
  • Customer Card and Vendor Card
  • Set Up Responsibility Centers
  • Link Responsibility Centers
  • Link Users to Responsibility Centers
  • Link Customers and Vendors to Responsibility Centers
  • Guidelines for Setting Up a Company with Multiple Locations
  • Sell and Purchase in a Company with Multiple Locations - Overview
  • Sell and Purchase in a Company with Multiple Locations
  • Control Inventory at Multiple Locations
  • Working with Stockkeeping Units
  • Item Variants

Module 04: Location Transfers

  • Location Transfers Setup
  • In-Transit Location Setup
  • Transfer Routes Setup
  • Transfer Orders
  • Transfer Items between Locations
  • View Items in Transit Overview
  • View the Quantity of an Item in Transit

Module 05: Serial/Lot Numbers

  • Item Tracking Setup
  • Item Tracking Codes
  • Serial and Lot Number Information
  • Creating a New Item Tracking Code
  • When to Use Serial/Lot Numbers
  • Inbound Serial/Lot Numbers Overview
  • Manage Inbound Serial/Lot Numbers
  • Serial/Lot Numbers on Inventory
  • Manage Serial/Lot Numbers on Inventory
  • Outbound Serial/Lot Numbers
  • Manage Outbound Serial/Lot Numbers
  • Trace Serial/Lot Numbers
  • Traceability Features
  • Traceability Features: Search Filters
  • Traceability Features: Two Search Directions
  • Traceability Features: Functions
  • Traceability Features: Item Tracing Specification Report
  • Traceability Features: Open from Multiple Places
  • Navigate with Serial Lot Numbers
  • Print Serial/Lot Number Documents and Reports
  • Reserve Items With Serial/Lot Numbers

Module 06: Assembling Items

  • Assembly Setup
  • Assembly Policy
  • Assembly Items
  • Assembly BOMs
  • Assembly BOMs or Production BOMs
  • Setting Up Items for Assembly
  • Assembly Order Overview
  • Assembly Order
  • Replenishing Assemble-to-Stock Assembly Items
  • How to Replenish Assemble-to-Stock Assembly Items
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