81228. Сопряжение с внешними приложениями в Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Длительность курса 1 день/8 академ. часов

20 000.00 Р


In this course, you will learn how to connect Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with external applications via Web and OData Services. To access REST services from within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, you can use the new HTTP and JSON classes. This course also provides an introduction to Azure Functions, to host external .NET code, and handle Control Add-Ins with JavaScript. Finally we will connect Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with Microsoft Flow and Microsoft PowerApps.

What are the goals for this course?

Understand Interactions with Web Services

Use Basic SOAP Operations

Connect an OData Web Service

Transfer Data via HTTP

Work with JSON Classes

Connect to External REST Services

Create and Call Azure Functions

Create a Control Add-In

Understand what Microsoft Flow does at a high level

Understand what PowerApps can do at a high level

What are the prerequisites to consume this course?

General knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Some previous experience with development processes and concepts with Microsoft Dynamics NAV or Business Central

Module 01: Web Services

  • Web Services
  • OData Web Services
  • OData Return Values
  • SOAP Web Services
  • Basic SOAP Operations
  • Handling UI Interaction When Working with Web Services

Module 02: The API

  • The API
  • Access the API's
  • Working with the API's

Module 03: Accessing REST-services

  • HTTP Classes
  • Data Transfer via HTTP
  • JSON Classes
  • Working with JSON

Module 04: Azure Functions

  • Introduction to Azure Functions
  • Create an Azure Function
  • Create an Azure Function with an existing .NET DLL
  • Call the Azure Function with AL code

Module 05: Control Add-Ins

  • What are Control Add-Ins?
  • Control Add-In Basics
  • Asynchronous Considerations
  • Control Add-In and Azure Functions

Module 06: Flow and PowerApps

  • Microsoft Flow
  • Using Dynamics 365 Business Central in an Automated Workflow
  • Microsoft PowerApps
  • Using Dynamics 365 BC in a PowerApp
Установка, настройка:
  • Dynamics 365