81220 Настройка приложений в Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Длительность курса 2 дня/16 академ. часов.

40 000.00 Р


This course provides students with the tools to implement and maintain cross-application setup data after the system components are installed. The focus is on the application-oriented work involved in setting up and maintaining company-wide rules, data, and users.

What are the goals for this course?

  • Understand RapidStart Services Process Flow
  • Configure a New Company Using RapidStart Services
  • Use Configuration Worksheets and Questionnaires
  • Use Data Templates
  • Import Configuration Packages
  • Perform Data Migration Using Assisted Setup
  • Setup Users and User Groups
  • Use Permission Sets
  • Set up the Change Log
  • Make Change Log Entries
  • Use Number Series
  • Set up Source Codes
  • Set up Specific Posting Groups
  • Set up General Posting Groups
  • Use Dimensions and Enter Dimension Values
  • Posting with Dimensions
  • General knowledge of Microsoft Office
  • Basic understanding of accounting
  • Basic knowledge of Business Central or complete 81241AE: Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

What are the prerequisites to consume this course?

Module 01: Set Up a Company Using RapidStart Services

  • RapidStart Services Process Flow
  • Configuration Worksheet
  • Configuration Questionnaires
  • Data Templates
  • Configuration Package
  • Creating Configuration Packages
  • Configure a New Company Using RapidStart Services
  • Data Migration Using RapidStart Services
  • Migrate Data Using RapidStart Services
  • Field Mapping
  • Missing Codes
  • Data Migration Using Assisted Setup

Module 02: Manage Users

  • User-Specific Setup
  • RoleTailored User Setup
  • Assign Profiles to Users

Module 03: Change Log Setup

  • Change Log Overview
  • Setting up the Change Log
  • Change Log Entries
  • Working with Change Log Entries

Module 04: Set Up Number Series

  • Number Series
  • Setting Up Number Series
  • Number Series Relationships
  • Setting Up Number Series Relationships

Module 05: Set Up Trail Codes

  • Source Codes and Source Code Setup
  • Reason Codes
  • Practice: Create Reason Codes and Use them in a General Journal

Module 06: Set Up General Journal Templates and Batches

  • General Journal Templates, Batches, and Lines
  • Create Journal Templates and Batches

Module 07: Set Up Posting Groups

  • Specific Posting Groups
  • Set Up and Assign Specific Posting Groups
  • General Posting Groups
  • Set Up General Posting Groups
  • General Posting Setup
  • VAT Posting Groups
  • VAT Posting Setup
  • Set up VAT using the Assisted Setup

Module 08: Set Up Dimensions

  • Dimensions and Dimension Values
  • How to Set Up Dimensions and Dimension Values
  • Entering Dimensions Manually in Documents
  • Dimensions in General Ledger Setup
  • Setting Up Dimensions in General Ledger Setup
  • Default Dimensions
  • Assign Default Dimensions to Single Accounts
  • Assign Default Dimensions to Multiple Accounts
  • Account Type Default Dimensions
  • Assign Account Type Default Dimensions
  • Default Dimension Priority
  • Conflicting Default Dimensions
  • Dimension Combinations
  • Setting Up Dimension Combinations

Module 09: Workflow

  • Workflow in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central
  • Analyze the Purchase Invoice Workflow
  • Workflow Setup
  • Create Workflows
  • Use Workflows

Module 10: Set Up and Manage Approval Workflows

  • Approval User Setup
  • Approval Workflows
  • Set up Approval Workflows using Assisted Setup
  • Use the Purchase Document Approval System
Установка, настройка:
  • Dynamics 365